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Brand strategist, author, professional speaker, and founder of The Otero Marketing Group, CEO Chicks, Coleen Otero has the blueprint for building and sustaining lucrative businesses, and she isn’t keeping it to herself. Through her CEO Chick Network, branding agency, and non-profit, she makes it her business to uplift and empower fellow women business owners. 

The network offers members coaching, content and community to help them collaborate, create and dominate in their respective industries. The CEO Chicks Infobar(™) is a resource for those who may not be ready to commit to a membership, but understand the value of the masterclasses, sessions, and other resources provided by CEO Chicks.  Coleen and her team of like-minded industry professionals develop “iCandy” marketing tools.

The branding agency services range from video promos, photoshoots, website development, logos, product line concepts, production, social media management, and more. The nonprofit arm, CEO Chick Institute, provides sponsored services and resources to women-owned businesses that need additional support without the financial means to pay for it. This element is made possible due to generous donors throughout the year. 

As an author, Coleen Otero started out with an ebook, dubbed, “Thousand Dollar Days” where she shares solutions and strategies along her road to success. Her latest release, Brand to Bucks: A No-nonsense Guide to Building a Six-Figure Business, offers readers actionable strategies for building a brand that pays, including Coleen’s infamous M-Factor to help business owners identify the key attributes necessary for winning in business. 

Coleen’s expertise doesn’t come without trial and error. Her entrepreneurial journey started when she was 12-year old, as a hairstylist with an adult clientele. She dove into full-fledged entrepreneurship immediately after high school as a full-time stylist who quickly worked her way up to managing several hair salons. From there, Coleen and her husband built an impressive real estate portfolio with properties, cars, and the works. 

After losing everything in the recession of 2008, Coleen was forced to rebuild and rebrand herself in the beauty industry. Before long, Coleen found herself dominating the scene as a sought-after celebrity stylist with VIP clientele such as Sherri Shepherd (The View), Sisaundra Lewis (The Voice), Myesha Chaney (Preachers of LA), and Junice Rockman (Relationship Rescue, Thicker Than Water). In 2018, Coleen snagged the role of lead stylist for BET’s Black Girls Rock. She went on to have a successful extensions line and so much more, before realizing that her ability to brand herself was a gift that other women could benefit from. 

CEO Chicks originally started as a Facebook community named, Get It Girls or G.I.G, where Coleen shared tips and learnings, hosted chats, and more for a group of women entrepreneurs who truly looked up to her branding capability. Coleen eventually created a CEO Chicks t-shirt that sold quickly, and from there, CEO Chicks was born. 

Coleen wears a lot of hats (both literally and figuratively) in her personal and professional life. What remains consistent across the board is her faith, dedication, and passion for encouraging everyone around her to be their best selves and live life to the fullest at all times.

Meet Coleen

Coleen is on a mission to help her clients walk in their God given purpose with style, while creating a brand that is unforgettable! Her branding clients range from corporate clients like Orange Technical College, Heavenly Washes Laundry Matt and many more (see branding).  She’s talented, transparent and you can get the very best of Coleen in her books! THOUSAND DOLLAR DAY$ is an eBook that shares the solutions and strategies Coleen has used on her road to success, and in her latest release BRAND TO BUCKS, Coleen gives you a no non-sense guide to building a six-figure brand! Connect with Coleen today and begin to walk in your God given purpose with substance and style!