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Celebrity Fashion Stylist

“When I think of Coleen, I think of the most relatable, firm teacher you can remember. Gentle with her coaching techniques, gracious with delivery and firm with her expectations…she brings out the best in every person she breathes life around!”

Veronica Figueroa

Real Estate Expert and Leader of #1 EXP Team Globally

"Working with Coleen is a gift from above. You not only get a

branding specialist, but you also get a vision expander who brings out the best in you! Coleen is a Branding Goddess, a Business Coach, and a Mentor that has transformed my business and my personal life! Anyone who walks with her is lucky to have her as a part of their journey!"

Kym Lee

Celebrity MUA and Author

I called Coleen Otero to Strategize a PLAN... and we shifted my entire beauty empire to ONLINE services.

Products, Classes, Workshops, Mentorship programs

and even Makeup tutorials on Zoom! And it is because of much prayer, and your support

that My Wink N Pout has had one of the most successful years with our E-commerce sales!

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