Count Down To 40!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Sitting on a plane headed to Atlanta from Orlando in between two huge cool Caucasian dudes. My arms are positioned as close as possible to my body, so much so that I am reminded of sardines in a can. I’m not complaining but just explaining LOL! Headphones are already in my ears and my favorite song is playing. I’m bopping my head and moving my upper torso ever so slightly not to touch the hairy elbows to my left and right! Haha! Nothing can ruin my mood!

In just a few days I will be 39 years old and so content with life. I decided when I was 32 years old that I would never allow fear to dictate my decisions and I have not looked back. This may come as a shock to most, but I am a true introvert! I would rather be in the back ground and thrive in intimate settings. I love deep and thought provoking conversations, and prefer quality over quantity. I especially appreciate people with good character that do what they say and do their best to stand by their word and work. I thought it was pretty crazy when my CEO Chick T-shirt idea I had 2 years ago turned into the network many see today. I love seeing people win! I love seeing them get a step closer and day nearer to their dreams and goals. While being a CEO Chick is a stretch and very challenging, I remain hopeful and grateful for all the Lord has done!

Flash forward to now, eight months later my husband has evolved into something else… IN A GOOD WAY! The ministry in the city we were planning to move to unbeknownst to us had ties to a ministry in our city. My husband began attending there and a month in he said the family needs to go there. At this time I had been going to another worship service without him, which he approved of as he wanted to be certain about his decision to change churches. Gotta love that! In the midst of it all so much has changed for the good. The connections that were made are nothing shy of a miracle. Every step of faith produced rewards we can’t even explain. It positioned us to not just be in one city but several. I can only explain it like this. We relocated without packing one box!

For those that follow me, you know my background is in Beauty. My 20 years of experience in that field included managing several franchise salon locations, owning my own salon, producing my Pure Luxe hair line, educational courses, and assisting community leaders with their image and business operations. All of which evolved into me launching into Branding and Marketing. I moved from just helping clients with their personal image to their business image and brand. I dived into several coaching program, courses and books to understand how my creative abilities could create another stream of income. NOW, three years later I am doing just that. Over the course of three years, it took turning down hair clients in order to invest my time in mastering and developing the Branding portion of my business. Those that only saw me as their stylist didn’t always understand, but it is not my responsibility to make anyone “get it”. It’s only my job to be professional, do my best to accommodate them, send them referrals, or give them ample time to do what they need to do. If my goal is to use my head over my hands, to see consistency both creatively and financially, I HAD TO MAKE THE SHIFT.

You have the God given right and authority to RE-prioritize your life!

We have to pay attention to what we hear in our time of prayer and meditation. Seek the word, get counsel, research, write it out, test it and STEP OUT. I am so happy we did! Well at this point hairy guy on the left is slumped over and leaning right.. tehehe. We are 10 minutes away from landing and I feel pretty good about what I shared thus far. I will probably proof read it a thousand times before you read it on my BIRTHDAY! Count down to 40 will be a year long blog where I will check in from time to time and just share what’s on my heart as I feel led. Can’t tell you it will be every week or month but I will be back. Thanks for taking time to read my blog, if it blessed you please comment, like and then share. Until next time go in faith, get wisdom and walk in compassion❤️

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