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Out Of The Office

Hello Greatness! For some of you, it may be your first time on my blog, and for others, you’re an O.G. here. I make it my priority to bring my tribe resources, tips, and tools that help me grow my businesses. A few weeks ago, I called my family and said, "Let’s go on a trip!" I knew my parents and siblings could use a nice break from the norm, especially given the recent news of my oldest sister’s dementia diagnosis. I was on the road quite a bit and was ready for a few consecutive days away from zoom calls and my laptop! 

I mainly create content around entrepreneurship and planned to just have my team repurpose some old reels while on vacation. But two thoughts hit me…

  1. Social media isn’t draining to me! My timeline is super inspiring and full of amazing women and men crushing it. So while I won’t be “working”, I will cut back on social media vs. just cutting it off completely.

  2. Why not share some details of the trip, the importance of taking time away to rest, recharge, and create meaningful memories with family! 

So here we are. I wanted to share this beautiful gem we found 15 minutes away from the Gulf beaches! The Time 4 U Estate was perfect for our staycation. The hosts thought of everything, from bikes, tennis/basketball court, pool, hot tub, fire pit, and outdoor entertainment space with a barbecue grill! You could literally stock the fridge and never leave. 

We went to two restaurants in Naples. The first was a Jamaican takeout called Island Vybz, and it was not only on the expensive side, but it lacked the Caribbean flavors I’m used to. We ordered the stew chicken and jerk chicken dinner with 4 beef patties. Our total was $52! The service was okay, but the food was unfortunately the worst I’ve ever had. I couldn’t eat any of the dinners; I did have half of the beef patty and was done! 

The second spot was the Naples Brunch for Father’s Day! I was super excited to take my hubby and dad out to celebrate. This place had the best reviews! But a 40-minute wait turned to 90 minutes. The young lady who was seating guests didn’t do a good job. She started seating guests who were after us instead of making enough room for our party. My parents and sister started to feel ill because no one had eaten, and the wait was going too long. The lobby was super small, and we were waiting outside in that Florida sun! When I asked, “how much longer?”, she would nod, give a half smile, and walk away. Long story short, the food was amazing, but the service was poor. My husband REFUSED to eat and patronize their business, but we decided to stay so my folks could eat. The waitress made sure our food came out FAST! Thank goodness! 

There was no more eating out in Naples after that! We decided to book our personal Chef instead. We ended our stay with a delicious surf and turf dinner prepared in the gourmet kitchen at our estate. Family dinners are the best, especially when the food is GOOD! We played a cool table game called Food For Talk. The host had it sitting in the center of the dinner table. They thought of everything! It was perfect for us to sit, talk, and laugh. The kids loved it! 

Well, that’s my quick recap. Today marks 6 much-needed days away from my laptop! The next stop is the ForbesBLK conference in Atlanta to learn, network, and meet up with my ATL team. Stay great! 

Let’s build!

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