The Power Of One

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Are you considered a school hopper if you go to another school every 4 -6 years of your educational life? NOPE! In fact, if it takes you longer to progress we are left to wonder what exactly is the problem. From Elementary to Middle to Post secondary education, the system is designed to see you grow and graduate. Shouldn’t it be the same spiritually? I am fully convinced that we are created to never stop learning! I made up my mind to go where I grow, not just mentally but physically and spiritually.

Where ever I am challenged, that is where I am changed! 

Whenever life starts to feel remedial, that’s my cue! It is time to shift! It is not a time where I compare my learning style and/or experience with anyone else’s, especially seeing our destinations vary. It is not a time for me to throw stones at my leaders or teachers, they taught me what I needed to know to unlock and reveal more of what God intended for my life. I have had teachers that “magically disappear” once the season/lesson has ended and mothers or fathers that just STICK even long after the test is complete. Come hell or high water, time and space they are hitting me up to see how I am and how they can pray and/or support. God is so faithful to use many people to help bring pieces of our life’s puzzle together! The last 2+ years God has used the voice of one man, Dr. Matthew Stevenson, to shift me out of fear, conformity, indecisiveness, old ways of thinking and challenged every fiber of my existence. I know it may sound deep, but it is true!

Because of the boldness of one, my husband and I stepped out in ways we have not done in a very long time. To align ourselves with the words that have been spoken over our lives. Everything has shifted! I am now a bold voice of change to many women and yes some men, all because I gave God ANOTHER YES!

Since our Jacksonville event yesterday I have been in deep thought about the network he has called me to create. During the beginning of the mixer I asked each lady to come up and tell us about themselves. Near the end, one of our sponsors came up and shared that when she joined the network she was going thru hard times. She said her husband decided to leave her and the children, and on top of that she had lost her job. She cried for days! She has always been cooking on the side while working a full time and her only client at the time told her about the network. She went to the website and joined immediately. What she didn’t know was I had been contemplating getting pre-packaged meals while God was dealing with her about making them. Long story short a connection was made and I became her 2nd client. Before long she had other clients in the network she cooked for. She told the group something I had no clue about, this all happened when she was homeless! But because of her quick steps of obedience her homelessness came to an abrupt END! Several of us began to well up with tears.


Who’s destiny is hanging in the balance, stuck between despair and destiny…all on your, “YES!” The domino effect is something serious! I can not stress enough the importance of your YES! Those who know me well, know I prefer to be behind the scenes. I do not like a lot of attention nor get excited at the thought of big stages and massive crowds. I am quite the opposite! But my YES has taken me outside of my comfort zone, time and time again!

What does your yes require of you?

It may be to start that business, write that book, move to that city, go to that school, pursue that new relationship, start that network, begin that ministry! For some of you it may be time to open your mouth and speak up against injustice. For others it maybe finally standing up for yourself! Whatever it is, the time is NOW! One of the greatest voices that has impacted my life is none other than Dr. Myles Munroe. He taught me something I will never forget! “Everyone will die, but few will make the decision to live.”

Join me in the decision to be the best version of ourselves, in the decision to LIVE!


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