The Transformation Process

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I think it is safe to say that many glorify the end result of the transformation process, but don’t really talk about what it takes to truly to get there in the first place. We are constantly comparing our process to others that are in different seasons and levels. Then we still sit and entertain the thoughts of “why aren’t am I like he/she”, “why can’t I do it like he/she”  or “Why is it so easy for he/she” . In reality, we are preventing our growth because we fail to realize that our journey IS unique, personal, and something beautiful if we choose to see appreciate it for what it is.

We all want to grow, expand, level up and enter into places we have never been, but have always envisioned for our lives. Our level of commitment to our transformation is measured by just how much we are willing to be stretched beyond comfort, grow in the midst of pain, let downs, and disappointment, or even letting go of relationships, places, and everything else that HINDERS the progression of our process.

As we grow in different avenues and aspects of our life, whether it be professionally or personally, we learn quickly it’s NEVER about how we feel. Instead it is about what we need. It may not feel good to you, but IT IS good for you. Trust me, when I tell you this from experience! Our comfortability will refuse the process. As, long as we continue to do the same thing that comforts our current state, we will prolong who God is trying to form us into. How can we reach a for greater heights doing the same thing that we have always done? The answer is we just CAN NOT. So, my question for you is how much are you willing to change and let go that may guarantee your comfort, but stunts your growth.

It is undeniable that the pain of the process is FORREAL! It comes in waves for some and hits it you all at once for others; but despite how it is felt, it hurts for us all. What I’m talking about is the growing pains. The pains of shredding pieces of you that you’ve held tightly for so long. Enduring the disappoint of what you saw as rejection in failed relationships, business ventures, and personal decisions. But, that was simply to redirect to the where you belong all along. So, consider it a blessing that what you thought you wanted didn’t choose you, or who you thought was for you was NEVER for you, and that the business venture you thought was a an opportunity of a lifetime came to a dead end. What is on the other side of this pain is far greater than what you could’ve planned for yourself, because greater is the plans HE has for you (Jeremiah 29:11). Our pain simply helps us appreciate the result of our transformation.

I hope this encourages you to continue to persevere towards your mark and strive for greatness despite the changes, discomfort, and pain. Thank God you were tried by the fire, because in the end you were refined by it. So, always remember your present suffering doesn’t compare one bit to the future glory you are getting ready to experience! I’d love to hear your feedback from today’s blogpost! Be sure to tag my Facebook page at Coleen Otero with your response. Also check out my CEO Chick page! Until next time…virtual hugs! xoxo.

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