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Build Your Email List Now Before It's Too Late... 📧✏️

Updated: Apr 19

Hello Greatness, 

I recently shared some insights on my social media about the critical importance of building your email and text lists. With the unpredictability of social media outages, it's a GAME-CHANGER to have a direct line to your audience.

Let's face it – what would you do if you lost your social media page or if Instagram went down? 🤔 It's a scenario none of us want to imagine, but being prepared is the key to navigating the digital landscape successfully.

So, are you building those email and text lists? If not, it's time to start!

🚀 Here are some PROMPTS we use that are HIGHLY effective not just for sending emails, but also to when we create a marketing plan…

  • Content Brainstorming: “Generate creative and engaging content ideas for a social media campaign targeting [your target audience]”

  • Digital Trends Bulletin Prompt: List the latest emerging technologies and trends in digital marketing by compiling a bulletin for (your target audience).

  • Script Crafting for Engagement: Create compelling scripts for various communication channels, including content narration, survey questions, and direct message responses. Ensure the language is captivating and resonates with our brand tone.

  • Brand Identity Mood Board Prompt: Using a table format, develop a mood board showcasing a cohesive brand identity across all online channels to build trust and recognition.


..and we have a lot more to offer!

I've got something special for you! If you're ready to take your email list building to the next level, for a limited time, I'm offering my exclusive 22 ChatGPT Marketing Prompts at a special price of $27. Trust me; it's a small investment that will pay off big time!

Here's a sneak peek into what these prompts can do for you:

📈 Scalable Growth: I currently manage a 10k email list with a goal to increase by 30% quarterly. These prompts have been my secret weapon in achieving this growth.

💡 Creative Ideas: Whether you're in a business like CEO Chicks or any other venture, these prompts will spark creativity and help you tailor your incentives for maximum impact.


🎓 Free Classes, Discounts, and More: Discover how to use free classes, discounts, and other enticing offers to build a thriving email and text list.

Ready to transform your email marketing strategy? Keep scrolling!

And for those who are ready to dive in, grab the 22 ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for just $27. It's a steal for the valuable insights and ideas that will blow your mind!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your email list building efforts. Your direct connection to your audience awaits!

Access Course Here:

Let's build and grow together!

Coleen Otero

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