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That time I was homeless... (Tissues Required)

Updated: Apr 19

Hello Greatness! Recently in our CEO Chick group chat I dropped some recommended reading and one of our members said,

"I haven't read in years... if you could donate a book to me I would appreciate it." Now someone else may have said, "Awww let me ship these books to you asap!" But I am not someone else. In love, I told her..." You know I love you right, go to the library..." I then testified about when I had NO MONEY FOR BOOKS. Here's the harsh reality, tough times don't last, but tough people do! In order to be successful, and that doesn't mean you'll be a billionaire or super famous... But you will have your needs met and be in a position to bless someone else. To be that, you must be learn how to GET WHAT YOU NEED. If you rely on hand outs all you will do is survive, if you want to thrive you have to get up and GO FOR IT! In the market crash of 08'-09' my husband and I lost everything. The businesses, properties, cars, relationships... We were a family of 5 at the time! While living in the last property that was up for short sale, I GOT PREGNANT! WHEEEWWWW! I CRIED FOR DAYS! We eventually moved in with my parents and what was suppose to be 2 months ended up being 2 YEARS! Everything was tried...

  • My marriage! Most marriages do not survive extreme financial lost. I battled with leaving my relationship so I leaned into wisdom on marriage to help me fight for my family.

  • My friendships! I was no longer footing the bill for folks and they left like roaches when the lights turn on! I had to learn to grieve and grab a hold of the scripture that says, "if God be for ME, who can be against me!"

  • My mind! For me depression did not look like crying in a dark room it was OVER WORKING! I go into fight mode... Over a long period of time it took a toll on my body. I started having major migraines due to the stress. I had to learn how stop putting all my trust in what I could do but to allow the Lord to lead me. He showed me how to rest in the midst of my storm, when and where to go, who to connect with and who to not do business with. It was a HUGE LEARNING CURVE FOR ME.

  • My faith! Initially it took a hit, especially at the time my husband told me how bad it truly was. He was running the property management business and I was running the salon.. I went through all the emotions! How could this be happening to us, as much as we gave, served and sacrificed!? We went from being praised as the top givers at our church to being told, "you must not be applying the word of God!" As if there was sin in our camp. Talk about ROCKED! But THANK GOD FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT... He never left us! He taught us THROUGH the adversity and suffering (read Isaiah 30:20).

How did I rebuild?? How did I go from nothing to multiple 6 figures? It wasn't overnight thats for sure, my experience is what led me curating CEO Chicks a network and safe space for women in biz and to writing Brand To Bucks (grab a free copy). Let this email serve as encouragement to you. If I can make it, so can YOU! xoxo Coach Coleen

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